About Charity Matchmaker


The Charity Matchmaker Quiz you’ve just taken is born from a collaboration between Parachute Digital, a digital consultancy that works exclusively with charities, and Netstrategies / iWorks – web developers & solution architects that do the same.
We love our work and we care deeply about the organisations and causes that we service – that’s why we built the Charity Matchmaker Quiz – to connect people that care with the causes they care about. Ultimately, we aim to raise money to fund the important work of these non-profit organisations.
The charities you are matched with via the Charity Matchmaker Quiz have been selected as the best organisations in their field, based on our experience of working in this space and observing their work. There are of course other organisations that do similar work, we have chosen these charities because of their reputation and results.
We partnered with My Giving Circle, who has a similar to use their similar audience and Facebook community promote our Charity Matchmaker Quiz.
Thank you for taking the Charity Matchmaker Quiz. We sincerely hope that you are connected with an organisation that you can support and grow with for years to come. We urge you to give to this cause, because your contribution will improve our community and because giving is good for the soul.

Thanks for reading this, and for helping to create the world you want to live in.